Concrete Lifting Clutch

Concrete Lifting Clutch Features

Our range of concrete lifting clutchs are available up to 32 tonne.

• Compatible with all current lifting anchors.
• Clutches are electroplated to increase longevity.
• Made in Europe to the highest standards.
• Comes with “CE” European stamp identification.

Various precast concrete elements are used to safely lift and secure the concrete panels both in the factory and during installation onsite. Elements include Lifting Clutches, Foot Anchors & Lifting Inserts, Threaded Cast-inserts (ferrules), Levelling Pads, Shims, Braces and Props.

For more information about Precast Concrete Panels and Elements view our YouTube Channel or our Video Page.



Lifting Clutches are a versatile unit for lifting pre-cast concrete products such as construction panels, concrete panels, pipes and various draining products.

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