In the last couple of years there have been three serious accidents in Queensland relating to piling rigs. Crush injuries and one fatality resulted. Effective safety management relies on good planning and due diligence in equipment selection, load testing, inspections and compliance. Absolute Lifting and Safety provides all of these.

High-Quality Rigging Equipment

Our initial expertise began in rigging, which is why we can now provide tried and tested recommendations on equipment for piling and working at heights. You don’t have to worry about equipment compliance because our high-quality products meet Australian standards. The product range includes:

Our experience includes load restraint of piling machines on floats or low-loaders. We understand the safety considerations of terrain, load and equipment damage when transporting heavy machinery.

Load Testing

The selection of equipment required to handle piling loads safely, is critical to prevent load shifting, swinging, slipping, falling or tipping of the heavy load or machinery. Our trained technicians and testing equipment ensure:

  • structural integrity of the equipment in service
  • safe load capacity
  • hoist ropes and chain slings meet or exceed the load capacity of the machinery

Absolute Lifting and Safety’s mobile test bed truck enables us to do testing onsite, reducing lost production time and keeping progress on schedule.

PILING Onsite Servicing of Equipment

Regular mandatory safety checks required on a piling worksite can take up a significant amount of time. Workplace Health & Safety stipulates competent third-party checks on all equipment and machinery. Absolute Lifting and Safety offers a maintenance regime to ensure compliance on equipment such as hoisting ropes, sheaves, shackle, swivels, and pulley blocks used in hoisting. 

To ease the burden of managing your assets and routine safety checks, we use the CORE software system for:

  • timely reminders of routine inspections
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

This cloud-based, industry-specific, specialised program seamlessly facilitates tagging, testing and certifications, with reports to cover the required safety documentation.

Success Stories:

Specialist rigging of extra-large Airport Link Tunnel diaphragm

The 1.1km Airport Link Tunnel in Brisbane required piling of a large diaphragm wall of varying lengths and thickness. As preferred suppliers on this project, we assisted with the handling of unusually large frames and cages that were sunk and concreted. We provided evidence-based solutions for equalising the load capacity of the rigs to ensure they could lift the large reinforced cages high enough, swivel them into position to be buried in into deep trenched earth ready for concrete encasement. Supplying and monitoring all the lifting equipment, including lifting beams, blocks and wire ropes, meant that our joint venture client had smooth operations without delays and without incident wherever we worked.



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