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Are ER2 Electric Hoists available in an explosive proof version?

No. However, KITO PWB do have ENDO air operated explosion proof hoists available.

What makes the ER2 Hoist environmentally friendly?

Energy saving: An energy saving can be made due to the reduction in rated current drawn compared to the previous model, ER.

Lower noise: The utilisation of the inverter, 4-pole motor as well as the electronmagnetic brake reduces the noise during operation and braking.

Hazardous substances outlined in the restriction of hazardous substances (ROHS) directive are not used.

what is the difference between a chain block and a chain hoist ?

A chain block is a manual lifting device. A chain hoist is a power operated lifting device.

What does the IP rating for an electric hoist refer to?

The IP rating is a weather protection rating. IP means ingress protection and is shown, for example, as IP55. The first number relates to dust protection. 5 means the unit is sealed to prevent sufficient dust entering the hoist which could interfere with normal operation. The second number relates to water ingress. A rating of 5 stipulates the hoist is protected against low pressure water jets from all directions.

Can I add chain to extend the height of lift of a hoist?

Chain can not be joined together to extend the lift of any hoisting product. To satisfy this requirement, a new length of chain must be purchased and fitted by a competent person. It then needs to be tested to ensure the product has been assembled correctly and re-certified.

Is the emergency stop feature standard on ER2 Electric Chain Hoists?

Yes it is, allowing the motor power to be disconnected from the main power supply in any emergency.

Can I use a KITO Electric Hoist upside down?

No, due to the mechanics and lubricants in the hoist, this is not a recommended practice. However, KITO PWB has a range of CM Lodestar powered hoists that are specifically designed for the entertainment industry that can be used in the inverted position.

Can ER2 Electric Hoists be supplied with longer lift heights?

Yes. ER2 Electric Hoists are available in many different lift heights to suit your requirements

Can ER2 Electric Hoists be used outdoors?

Yes, ER2 Hoists that are rated IP55. This means they have protection from direct jet spray and dust particles. Also they have a strong epoxy coated painted body and the load chain is Nickel-plated, which is corrosion and abrasion resistant. However to better protect the hoist in external applications a cover is recommended

Do you get 2 pendants with electric hoist and motorised trolley combinations?

These come with one pendant that controls the entire assembly.

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