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Are KITO PWB range of winches supplied with straps or cables?

The Dutton Lainson SA and TW Series Winches come with standard length cable and strap. Our range of Dutton Lainson Hand Winches and Industrial Load-brake Winches comes as a bare unit but please contact Absolute Lifting and Safety to customise a cable or strap to suit your requirements.

My strongarm winch has quit working. Where can I have it fixed?

Please contact Absolute Lifting and Safety for assistance.

How do I know what size winch is needed for my boat?

Generally, a 2-to-1 ratio is appropriate (1100 lb winch for a 2200 lb boat), but there are factors to consider. When a well-equipped and maintained roller trailer is used and the ramp setup is such that it allows the boat to float partway onto the trailer, the ratio can be stretched to 3-to-1. On the other hand, if the ramp is steep, a carpeted bunk trailer is used, or conditions require the winch to pull the boat a longer distance, the ratio should be reduced to 1-to-1.

Is it necessary to have a brake winch for vertical lifting, or will a ratchet winch work?

A self-locking winch should always be used in any situation that involves vertical lifting. DLB-series or B-series brake winches, or a worm gear winch should be used to avoid the potential of a load free-wheeling out of control.

Does a “B” at the end of the model number (example: DL1800AB) mean it’s a brake winch?

No. The “B” suffix means that the winch comes equipped with a hand brake that must be operated manually. It makes it easier to control the winch while releasing a load. It does not lock the load into place like a brake winch does.

What does “gear ratio”

How many handle revolutions it takes to turn the spool once. A gear ratio of 4:1 means that it takes four complete turns of the handle to turn the spool 360 degrees.

What does “two-speed” winch mean?

Two drive shafts are used on a two-speed winch, to allow a choice between “low” and “high” gears. Lower gear would be used in steep or otherwise difficult situations, while the higher gear would result in faster operation. To change gears, the handle is removed and installed on the other drive shaft (no tools required).

What is a “two-way” ratchet, and why don’t I find any on your website?

The term “two-way ratchet” is often misunderstood. All it means is that, prior to using the winch the first time, the user can choose which direction to wind the line onto the reel. Once that’s done, the extra ratchet position serves no purpose. Because of this, we developed and patented a reversible ratchet that is easier to use, but performs the same function. The ratchet pawl is installed with the assumption that cable will wind off the top of the reel (which is true in almost all cases), but it can be easily removed, turned around, and re-installed to allow cable to come off the bottom if needed.

Can a brake winch be used on a boat trailer?

A brake winch is a good choice and adds an extra element of safety that many people like. There are also models available with a feature for quickly pulling line from the winch (DLB805A, DLB1205A and DLB1505A), which speeds the boat retrieval process.

I want to use a brake winch to raise my canoe or bicycle up to the ceiling of my garage and hold it there when I’m not using it. Is this okay?

A brake winch or worm gear winch are well suited for this application; however, once in position the load must be secured by additional safety lines.

Can I install and use high strength synthetic rope (Dyneema, Sampson, Master Pull, Puget Sound, etc.) on my D-L winch?

No, these types of high strength synthetic ropes are not recommended for D-L winches. These ropes are extremely slippery and pose a high risk of severely damaging the winch’s reel and ultimately the winch as a whole.

The first time I used my StrongArm® electric winch, it smoked and became very hot. Why would this happen with a new winch?

This is actually normal. When running the winch in the power out direction the brake mechanism gets very hot and burns off any oil film left from the assembly operation. As soon as the oil film is gone, the smoke will stop. As long as you observe the maximum run time for your winch, it is not a cause for concern.

How long does an electric winch have to cool off after use?

The motor should cool 5 minutes for each 1 minute of run time.

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