Civil Construction Safety


Working closely with some of the largest civil construction companies in Australia, Absolute Lifting and Safety has customised solutions for 11 major infrastructure projects over our twelve-year history. Addressing a wide variety of safety challenges on bridges, tunnels, roads, rail and subdivisions, we’ve grown a proven track record for providing effective material handling and height safety solutions.

CIVIL CONSTRUCTION Lifting and Restraint Solutions

Whether it’s complex lifting, transporting of large, heavy items like precast concrete, or simply lifting a worker on a mobile platform, we can supply the most suitable safety equipment for the task. Our product range covers a vast array of lifting solutions and accessories, including:

Our expertise has made us the long-term preferred supplier on many infrastructure projects around Brisbane. We understand that poor quality products can cause accidents or injury, so we only supply the highest quality equipment, which includes PPE solutions for your workers. All products from Absolute Lifting and Safety meet or exceed Australian standards.

CIVIL CONSTRUCTION Specialist Safety Considerations

Workers exposed to a variety of working conditions have differing safety needs within each setting. Our products, which include PPE, will meet safety needs for working:

  • in confined spaces
  • at heights, including situations with tool-drop risks
  • with mobile plant
  • in noisy or dusty environments
  • in areas with poor visibility

Production time pressures or unexpected changes can make safety considerations even more important. We’ll work with you to identify the right equipment for the job, reducing risk of harm and production delays.

Onsite Equipment Repair

Onsite repair of chain, slings and wire ropes using our mobile test bed and swaging machine can reduce cost and prevent delays, because you don’t have to buy new equipment or send existing equipment offsite. We offer prompt delivery of replacements when safety equipment can’t be repaired or is no longer fit for use.

Onsite Equipment Management 

Injury or damage caused by non-compliant safety equipment can be detrimental to your workforce and production time. Having successfully managed equipment across large construction sites with hundreds of workers, Absolute Lifting and Safety has developed this service into a comprehensive asset management program.

Using our cloud-based CORE software system we can efficiently manage your equipment register, including:

  • timely reminders of safety checks
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

Success Stories:


The Gateway Bridge Upgrade Project

  • Three years of onsite lifting and safety management
    Maintaining our preferred supplier status over the three-year duration of this project, Absolute Lifting and Safety handled all the lifting and safety needs across multiple worksites and construction yards, supporting over 200 workers. This included providing PPE, lifting and safety equipment and performing mandatory equipment inspections on our client’s behalf. Our availability meant we were frequently consulted for product advice to ensure suitable equipment for a task.
  • Customised solutions
    Workers under significant time constraints on the Gateway Bridge needed a safe system for their hydraulic jacks to access every cell of the bridge. The mobile gantry hoist system we recommended was not only successful, but the task was completed well within the allocated timeframe.


The Airport Link Tunnel Project

  • Four years of equipment supply and inspections
    Equipment we supplied included provision of lifting points in the tunnel’s canopy and multiple RUD anchors for heavy lifts within the tunnel confines. Despite terrain challenges within the tunnel, like knee-deep mud, we never missed an equipment inspection, and provided all required reporting for the four-year project duration.

  • Urgent bulk order of harnesses
    When a construction operation shifted to an earlier schedule, our client lacked the harnesses they needed for working at heights. Absolute Lifting and Safety went the extra mile to ensure they had the necessary 50 harnesses by 6am the next morning. As a result, they had no unnecessary delays.

  • Broken chain sling solution
    Progress was halted after a cheap chain sling, supplied by another vendor, broke during operations. As a quality assurance measure for the project, the client called us to help. Our mobile test bed enabled immediate testing of all the other chain slings in use, for weak spots or breakage. Within 24 hours we had supplied every replacement needed. In this case, we provided Australian-made chain that was higher quality than what was previously used.
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