Having worked with many transport companies, Absolute Lifting and Safety understands that suitable, reliable lifting equipment and load restraints are essential for handling goods safely. Regardless of the type of load, we have products and solutions to ensure that loads remain secure and intact on reaching their destination.

TRANSPORT Solutions for Safe Lifting

Every load is different. We work closely with you to find the best lifting solutions for the size, weight and volume of the load being manoeuvred. Taking into account the type of vehicle and whether the load needs to be lifted vertically, shifted horizontally or pulled at an angle, our knowledge of equipment specifications means we can advise you on the most suitable product for the job.

We know that to avoid transport delays, you need equipment that complies with Australian standards, and fast delivery turnaround. We will work strategic hours if the task is time critical, and will supply compliant, high-quality products at competitive prices.

Safe Load Restraint and Recovery

Failed or faulty restraint equipment can cause tragic accidents. If equipment has excessive wear, the load capacity will be less than the stated capacity on its label. Regular inspection and replacement are essential for safe transport. Our range of load restraints include:

  • load binders varying in style and size
  • chains and fittings to suit application
  • ratchet webbing straps in a variety of sizes and lengths
  • cargo ropes varying in diameter and strength
  • custom systems consisting of high-grade alloy

Vehicle Recovery Equipment

For recovering bogged or trapped vehicles, we supply and service equipment for lightweight 4WD and heavy earth moving vehicles. Our recovery range includes:

Asset Management for Transport Infrastructure Projects

In construction of rail or road structures, you’ll have a variety of lifting, shifting and safety requirements on the worksite. Our onsite services offer equipment repair and replacement as well as asset management. We have a proven track record of consistently managing all mandatory safety equipment inspections for large construction sites.

Using our cloud-based CORE software, we ensure:

  • timely reminders of routine inspections
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

Success Stories:


Transport of precast concrete to the Legacy Way Tunnel

The excessive weight and curved shaped of precast concrete needs unique transport load restraints. To assist Russell Transport during the Legacy Way Tunnel construction, we obtained a newly released product—Grade 120 alloy—to create a tie-down lashing system that would safely hold the precast concrete segments. The success of our solution reduced the number of trips required to and from the worksite, making the project significantly more cost effective for our client.

Lifting and safety management for a fleet of over 20 trucks

Managing lifting and load restraint gear for a fleet means more than just the supply of necessary equipment. Absolute Lifting and Safety partners with many crane truck companies to manage their equipment inspections. We ensure that wear and tear does not compromise the safe transport of goods, giving our clients peace of mind when it comes to safety compliance.




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