To meet your aviation lifting and safety needs, Absolute Lifting and Safety will look after:

  • PPE to safeguard your workers
  • equipment for reaching all aspects of an aircraft, and
  • safety mechanisms for working at heights

aviation & Aircraft Maintenance Safety

Working on the top of an aircraft is a dangerous place. Besides working at heights, time pressures often add to the hazards when there is a short turnaround time between flights. Add to this the challenge of working alongside a large, rounded aircraft body, and it is clear that well-planned lifting and safety is essential. Absolute Lifting and Safety can conduct regular inspections of safety equipment and systems within hangars, providing documentation for equipment traceability and compliance.

Lifting equipment

Absolute Lifting and Safety can assess lifting needs and offer solutions to match each task, including lifting heavy components out of enclosed areas or concealed compartments. To minimise risks of damage to the aircraft itself, we can help identify recommended lightweight materials, and padding for when lifting equipment comes into contact with the body of the aircraft.

Working at heights

Working on tall aircraft requires fall prevention equipment including harnesses, lanyards, static lines and self-retracting lifelines. Absolute Lifting and Safety has extensive expertise in fall protection, with a variety of solutions for working in hangars and on fuselage.  

Helicopter Loads

When material handling is beyond the reach of cranes, helicopters can be a fast and efficient alternative. However, helicopter lifting requires specialised rigging and lifting. Statistics show that 5% of pickup or laydown accidents are caused by defective sling gear.

Absolute Lifting and Safety offers expertise in cargo lifting nets with special remote release strops. For proof load testing and quality assurance, our specialised machines can assess the structural integrity of rope, cable, nets or remote hook-up and release devices. Since we are specialists in lifting and hoisting, we have a variety of slings and nets to match the size and shape of the load being lifted. Our testing, certification and inspection services mean that equipment we manage for you will always meet and comply with Australian standards. 

Personal Protective Equipment

The working environment in aviation presents several hazards, and we know the protection of staff is one of your highest priorities. For the safety of workers, our PPE range includes:

Onsite Servicing of Equipment

Along with product supply we offer onsite services for monitoring and inspection of safety equipment, ensuring our clients’ mandatory inspection, testing and tagging, and certifications remain current and documented. Using CORE, a cloud-based, industry-specific software, we can ease the burden of mandatory safety checks, facilitating:

  • timely reminders of routine inspections
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

Success Stories:


Urgent safety inspections for Qantas

Qantas discovered on one occasion that their catering vehicles were overdue for safety inspections due to an omission in the servicing schedule. They faced the risk of significant delays as long as the vehicles were offsite for the necessary testing. Our prompt service helped them by first taking three of the six vehicles and returning them the same day. We returned the second three vehicles the following day. Because of our prompt service, catering operations did not come to a halt.

Same-day service for urgent strop repair

A remote release device for Aeropower helicopters is essential for delivering loads safely. When the outer sleeve to a Dyneema strop was damaged, the service could no longer operate the remote release device and faced loss of production because of the expected down time. Understanding the urgency, Absolute Lifting and Safety prioritised this repair and returned the repaired strop the same day. The helicopters were back on the job within 24 hours.

Fast turnaround of replacement sling

At one of our aviation service sites, during daily operations, a worker used a sling around a sharp piece of aluminium being lifted. Although still brand new, the sling was damaged. Our client immediately contacted us to determine whether the sling remained safe to use. Unfortunately, because of cuts in the fabric, it was no longer fit for secure lifting, but we could supply a new sling the same day, so that there were no significant work delays.



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