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When lifting heavy precast concrete and tilt slabs or concrete segments, Absolute Lifting and Safety understands that the equipment securing the load is as important as the equipment lifting the load. We can advise you on products that will help to prevent equipment failure that could lead to slippage, lifting failure or even loss of a load.

We offer solutions from years of experience, not only by carefully assessing the lifting requirements but also by providing suitable, high-quality equipment to perform the job efficiently and safely.

Lifting and Transporting Precast Concrete SLABS

When precast concrete products for roads, bridges, drainage, barriers or commercial buildings need to be lifted or transported, we match the right equipment to the load.

Our products include slinging and securing solutions for:

  • gantry cranes
  • tower cranes
  • mobile cranes
  • crawler cranes
  • heavy transport vehicles

Everything below the crane hook, we can supply. Our product variety includes snatch blocks, concrete clutches, lifting beams, wire ropes and load restraints. You don’t want this equipment to fail. Absolute Lifting and Safety can help to ensure you’re buying the right product for the task.

Lifting precast CONCRETE and Tilt Slabs

The lifting assembly is only as good as the weakest link. What all parties want to avoid most in lifting tilt slabs is equipment failure resulting in crush injuries, or worse, fatality. When maneuvering precast concrete and tilt slabs varying from 1 to 50 tonnes, a weak point in any clutch, hook, shackle, chain or wire assembly could be catastrophic.

With our extensive history in the lifting industry, we are familiar with these challenges, no matter how complex the lift. Since we supply only high-quality equipment and offer asset management for effective inspection, testing and certification, you can be assured that any equipment we oversee will be fit for purpose.  

Onsite Servicing of Equipment

It’s easy to become complacent about checking safety and lifting equipment onsite, especially when the equipment is in daily use. To ease the burden of mandatory safety checks, we use our CORE software system. This cloud-based, industry-specific program seamlessly facilitates:

  • timely reminders of routine inspections
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

Success Stories:


Lifting solutions for a 16-point tilt panel lift

Precast Concrete and Tilt Slabs

A tilt panel lift being lifted by Coastline Crawler Cranes required a 16 point concrete clutch configuration. They required four major snatch blocks and 8 minor snatch blocks and needed assurance about the best types to use for the 48-ton load. Other variables included the diameter of wire rope that would cope with the load, and the best connection points to use. Absolute Lifting and Safety added value by:

  • advising on the most effective products to suit the purpose, based on our knowledge of product design
  • testing and certifying the lifting beams and rigging equipment
  • manufacturing, testing and supplying the wire rope assemblies for a 50-ton panel

View our video of the successful secure lift


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