When working in the marine industry on water, lifting and safety activities require sound knowledge and experience because of the dangers to people and equipment. Whether it’s combatting the erosive effects of saltwater or accommodating tides and swells, Absolute Lifting & Safety has consistently provided solutions in lifting, mooring, towing, dredging and barge transport.

We specialise in:

  • onsite repair and recertification of equipment
  • supply of new equipment with compliant certificate reports
  • managing a vigilant inspection and certification regime for all lifting, mooring and safety equipment

marine Mooring

Rope chafing is an unavoidable reality when anchoring any structure in water. Without regular monitoring and inspections, breakdown of wire and fibre ropes from daily wear and tear can cause unnecessary loss or damage. Absolute Lifting & Safety’s mobile plant, including our heavy-duty swaging and spooling machines, provide solutions for testing and repair issues. We’re able to save you time by repairing rope damage onsite. 

MArine Towing and Dredging

Absolute Lifting & Safety has helped several marine companies with their selection and maintenance of equipment, including:

  • monitoring and testing of braking systems
  • winch capacity
  • evaluating corrosion and chafing
  • inspection of spooling mechanisms and towline connections


Absolute Lifting and Safety has a range of mooring and load restraint solutions to suit the variety of functions a barge fulfills, including:

  • heavy industry transport
  • lifting and shifting of cargo
  • marine excavation and piling
  • crane works

For essential barge equipment, our lifting and safety solutions include:

  • auxillary rigging gear for lifting with cranes
  • piling safety equipment
  • equipment for excavation works
  • a wide variety of load restraints

We also undertake onsite repairs—we’ll come to you.

Our mobile repair machines provide onsite solutions for rope chafing or damage. Using our swaging machine, we can repair wire ropes or damaged winch ropes by cutting out damaged sections and installing new rope eyes.

Asset Management Service

It’s easy to become complacent about checking lifting and safety equipment, especially when it’s in daily use. To ease the burden of mandatory safety compliance, we use our CORE software system. This cloud-based, industry-specific program seamlessly facilitates:

  • timely reminders of routine inspections
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

Success Stories:


Repair of mooring ropes for River Fire

For Brisbane’s famous River Fire event, Bhagwan Marine was supplying four barges as pyrotechnics platforms. A few days before the event, we were engaged to carry out the barge rope inspections. Identifying a number of steel wire ropes needing repair, we were able to bring our 600-ton swaging machine to each barge and repair the ropes. Finishing in time for the event, we ensured that all four barges had sound mooring ropes for the pyrotechnics onboard.

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