Who can Test and Tag Height Safety Equipment?

Test and Tag Height Safety Equipment needs to be carried out by a competent person.  This includes all your Fall Protection, Fall Arrest & Fall Restraint Equipment and Systems.

To find out how a competent person is defined read our article .

Test and Tag Height Safety Equipment

When do I need to use Height Safety Equipment?

For anyone working at heights of 2 metres or higher, Height Safety Equipment is required. In addition, all Height Safety Equipment should meet Australian Standards.  A height safety engineer must perform a detailed inspection of the site.  They will determine how the relevant regulations apply per site, its use and the type of Height Safety Equipment required for your premises to achieve compliance depends.

Test and Tag Height Safety Equipment Ascender

Types of Equipment/ Devices and Systems?

There are different types height safetey equipment and systems.  Furthermore, the most appropriate equipment for the premises will depend on the fall hazards that are present.  In additon, where the work is carried out and the work environment needs to be factored in.

Height Safety Lanyard

How regular does Equipment need to be test, tagged and certified?

  • PPE and all webbing-based systems – Every 6 months.
  • Anchor points and rail systems – Every 12 months.
  • Static lines – Every 12 months.
  • Ladder systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Handrailing systems – as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

The above time frames are a guide.  Because other issues,  such as frequency of use and environmental conditions, must be taken into consideration.  We recommend contacting Absolute Lifting and Safety so we can provide specific advice for your site.

Height Safety Line Kit

What are some of the ranges of height safety equipment?

A comprehensive height safety system may require the installation of several different types of height safety equipment: