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Manual Chain Hoist

What is the difference between a Chain Block and a Lever Block?

A chain block is a lifting device operated by a hand chain. A lever block is a lifting device operated by rotation of a handle.

What is the difference between a Chain Block and a Chain Hoist?

A chain block is a manual lifting device. A chain hoist is a power operated lifting device.

Are the KITO PWB Hand Wheels machined or un-machined?

Cast wheels are supplied un-machined.

What material are the KITO PWB Trolley Wheels made from?

Trolley wheels are manufactured from cast iron.

Is the LX Series Lever Hoist suitable for use in underground coal mines?

No. The basic body of the LX Lever Hoist is manufactured from aluminium, therefore is it susceptible to sparks.

What is the nickel plated load chain on Kito LX and L5 Lever Hoists?

Grade 100 chain, special high strength alloy, built for high resistance to corrosion and wear.
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