Whether workers are operating at minimal height clearance or rigged up on cranes for high-rise building projects, Absolute Lifting and Safety knows the special considerations that need to be made in building construction and general construction safety.  Since working at heights is a leading cause of death and serious injury in Australia, we are vigilant when it comes to providing quality height safety equipment and monitoring on construction sites.


We understand that every situation is different. We have successfully advised many companies on customised safety equipment solutions, for example:

Our high-quality products, many of which are Australian made, are readily available from our warehouse store to avoid supply delays.

Crane Safety

With our combined staff expertise of well over 50 years in the industry, and a history of work experience in rigging, we understand the complexities of crane work and related safety issues.

Everything below the crane hook, we can supply. Amongst our wide range of products, this could include:


To avoid delays of equipment being sent offsite for repair, our specialist mobile machines can assist with prompt services in:

  • sling repairs
  • wire rope swaging up to 40mm
  • rope spooling and measuring
  • rope tensioning

gENERAL CONSTRUCTION Equipment Management Service

Regular mandatory safety checks required on a construction site can take up a significant amount of time. Australian regulations and standards stipulate competent third-party checks on all equipment and machinery. To ease this burden, Absolute Lifting and Safety offers a maintenance regime to ensure compliance for all your lifting and safety equipment.

We use the CORE software system to ensure:

  • timely reminders of routine inspections
  • safety accountability
  • traceability
  • access to reports

This cloud-based, industry-specific, specialised program seamlessly facilitates tagging, testing and certifications, with reports to cover the required safety documentation.

Success Stories:


Unique solution for Brisbane’s 88 storey tall Meriton building

When the summit of this high-rise neared completion, operations were delayed. The middle section of rope for the disassembly crane was damaged and unable to be salvaged. To avoid penalties, project time was critical. In just 48 hours, Absolute Lifting and Safety manufactured a 1.4km length crane hoists rope which had to be reeved four times to gain the required mechanical advantage. Because of our prompt service, the main crane disassembly did not exceed the client’s scheduled deadlines.

Strategic height safety assessment on Eagle Street construction project

Six months into this extensive, Brisbane-based building project, Absolute Lifting and Safety was invited to assess height safety equipment onsite. The request was to identify poor safety practices. Not only were we able to isolate the safety issues missed by the previous supplier, but we could recommend safer solutions for the equipment tagging used on height safety equipment. As a result, we became the preferred supplier for the remaining three-year duration of this project.

Prompt equipment replacement after Brisbane floods

Severe equipment loss and production downtime on the Eagle Street construction project resulted from the 2010/11 flood that devastated the city. As the floods receded, much of the equipment in the basement area was discovered missing or damaged. Each day without functional equipment delayed operations further, increasing downtime costs. Absolute Lifting and Safety could replace equipment promptly, offering heavily discounted prices in a goodwill gesture, so that work could start again.

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