The below Serious Workplace Injuries / Incident Alerts for August (Embedded Content Extracts) were taken from WorkSafe QLD at

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Worker dies after being struck by mobile crane

In August 2021, a worker died after being struck by a mobile crane in pick-and-carry mode (lift and shift). Early investigations indicate the man was acting as a dogger and in control of a load when he was holding a tag (tether) line attached to the load that was being relocated at a workplace. It appears the worker was walking between the front of the mobile crane and the load when he was hit by the crane.

Scaffold related incident

In July 2021, a spectator at a local sports ground in Brisbane was crushed by a tower frame scaffold. Initial enquiries indicate the scaffold appears to have blown over because of possible wind gusts, fatally crushing the man.

Use of high-pressure water spray equipment on asbestos roofs

In August 2021, as part of cleaning, sealing & painting at a house residence, a home maintenance business used high pressure water spray equipment on an asbestos cement roof. Asbestos contaminated dust and debris (ACD) was spread across the yard, in vegetation, on adjoining structures, as well as the driveway and a car. ACD also spread on to a neighbour’s driveway and car, and onto the street and into council drains.

Worker falls from elevating work platform

In July 2021 a worker sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries after he fell approximately six metres from the platform of a truck mounted elevating work platform while trimming tree branches.

Falling object from tower crane

In July 2021, WHSQ was advised of a tower crane incident where a climbing frame guide roller assembly, four bolts and two shim plates fell to the ground.

Worker seriously injured in fall from roof

In August 2021, a worker was seriously injured after falling approximately 6m from a roof through a polycarbonate skylight. It appears he was removing and installing polycarbonate sheeting from the warehouse roof during ad-hoc maintenance.