Air Hoist Wire Rope EHW 120 – 250kg


  • Heat treated planetary reduction gears are small and lightweight and can take a large speed reduction ratio.
  • Control valve is engineered with spool valves of spring return in two positions and three ports. The valve works by controlling the lever switch connected with the spool.
  • The cone brake system is suited to wire rope hoists and has a control valve integrated with the proper speed reduction mechanism at air motor, finally achieving the excellent control.
  • Reverse winding protection is incorporated in EHW Air Hoist Series. When the wire rope is pulled out 1.9m, the system makes the air motor stop automatically.
  • Designed for Wire Rope lift, the ENDO EHW Air Hoist is available in hook or pendant control with a cone brake system.
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Capacity Part No. Model Standard Lift (m) Lift Speed
Headroom  Hook
Suspended (mm)
Control Type Weight (kg)
120kg 44992 EHW-120 1.9 16.0 680 On Hook 9.5
120kg 44993 EHW-120R 1.9 16.0 630 Pendant 9.7
250kg 44182 AH-250R 2.5 11.0 745 Pendant 18.2


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