Cromox Manual Chain Hoist Grade 60


The Cromox Manual Chain Hoist Grade 60 has outstanding corrosion resistance through select
materials and manufacturing.

• Sealed brake and gear unit to allow use in
• High fatigue-resistance
• Swivel top hook, ball bearing swivel load hook.
• cromox load and hand chain.
• Tested acc. to AS 1418.2
• Each block done as a custom setup for maximum

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0.63, 1


Type W.L.L (t) Load Chain (mm) Hand Chain (mm) Hoist Weight
without chain
No of falls Operating Force
KW-CCH 63 0.63 CHK 6,3×19,1 NHC 5,0×25,0 6kg 1 205 N
KW-CCH 100 1 CHK 7,1×21,2 NHC 5,0×25,0 6kg 1 280 N


Part Material
Load Chain AISI 316L
Hand Chain AISI 316L
Housing AISI 316L
Pocketwheel load chain AISI 318LN
Pocketwheel hand AISI 316L
Screw AISI 318LN
Nut AISI 304
Washer AISI 316
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