Serious Workplace Injuries Incident Alerts


The below Serious Workplace Injuries / Incident Alerts for February (Embedded Content Extracts) were taken from WorkSafe QLD at

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Tractor rollover incidents

In January 2021, a farmer died when the tractor he was operating struck a log and rolled. The farmer had been using the tractor to pull out a bogged car and do some spraying. He was thrown from the tractor when it rolled and was trapped underneath the rear mounted chemical tank.  Just a day earlier, two workers suffered significant injuries when the tractor they were using rolled down the side of a hill. The contractors were spraying weeds on a farm..

Worker killed in industrial shredding machine incident

In January 2021, a worker was killed while operating an industrial shredding machine used to process bulk waste building materials. Initial enquiries indicate he was attempting to remove a blockage from the shredding machine. Investigations are continuing and include scrutiny as to why the machine became operational.

Worker falls from forklift

In December 2020, a worker suffered serious injuries when he fell from a forklift. Early investigations indicate he was attempting to repair a jammed roller door. The man was working from a stillage container being used as a makeshift work box and had been lifted on the tines of a forklift. It appears that as the worker moved to one side of the crate it overbalanced causing him (and the crate) to fall almost 5 metres.