The below Serious Workplace Injuries / Incident Alerts for November (Embedded Content Extracts) were taken from WorkSafe QLD at

Man seriously injured when elevating work platform overturned

In January 2022, a man was operating a self-propelled scissor lift which overturned leaving him with serious head injuries. Early investigations found the worker was alone, replacing rivets on metal flashings in an indoor sports facility.

Mobile and tower crane hoist limits

The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the risk of hoist rope failure and loads dropping from mobile and tower cranes, which can occur when the hoist limit is disabled or does not function correctly. Employers, builders, workers and crane operators should apply the principles in this alert to any crane with a hoist rope.

Apprentice killed by hydraulic hook lift system

A young apprentice was killed after being trapped under part of the hydraulic hook lift system on a heavy rigid truck at a mechanical workshop. Early enquiries indicate the apprentice, and another worker, were repairing the truck’s hydraulic hook lift system (also known as a hooklift or roll on roll off system). To access the area which needed fixing, the boom of the hook lift system was raised, and a safety prop used. However, hydraulic fluid has leaked, causing a fall in pressure. That led to the hook lift boom lowering unexpectedly. For reasons yet to be established, it appears the safety prop failed, and the young man suffered fatal crush injuries. Investigations are continuing.

Worker injured after asphalt plant hits elevating work platform

In February 2022, a worker suffered serious leg injuries when the basket of a boom-type elevating work platform (EWP) he was using was struck and pulled along by an elevated asphalt bin system, part of an asphalt plant. Initial enquiries indicate the man was in the EWP basket doing maintenance work close to the asphalt bin system, when for reasons yet to be established, the bin and associated components began moving along its tracks without warning. As a result, part of the EWP’s basket was caught by the asphalt bin system and dragged along, injuring the worker. Investigations are continuing..

Worker struck by steel post at construction site

In March 2022, a worker suffered a chest laceration and internal injuries when he was struck by a steel post.Early enquiries indicate the worker was part of a team installing a retaining wall at a residential construction site. The steel post had been stood upright, using a sling attached to an excavator in close proximity to the worker. It then appears the steel post has slipped off the sling, striking the worker. Investigations are continuing..