Wire Rope Swager 250T 1S


The swaging operation is controlled by an electric foot pedal
permitting the operator to use both hands to handle the rope
assembly when swaging.
In addition to the standard up/down function, the foot pedal has
a ”hold” position toggle to facilitate rope/eye adjustment and to
make tool set-up quicker.
By setting the required pressure on the pressure gauge
MA 250T-1S, the piston returns automatically once the
pressure is reached. This saves time and unnecessary
movements for the operator. When left un-used the resource
saving automatic shut down will turn off the machine, but is
easy to start again by pressing down the foot pedal.
An oil cooler is built into the swager to cool down the
hydraulic oil.
Note! All our dies are manufactured from hardened and
tempered die steel for long life and durability.


T (aluminum) can be swaged up to size 22 in single stage (up to size 30 multi stage)
UM (aluminum) can be swaged up to size 22 in single stage (up to size 30 multi stage)
STT Sockets/Terminals (carbon steel) can be swaged up to size 5/8”.
TAL-X Flemish Eye Sleeves (carbon steel) can be swaged up to size 1”.


Die holder •        FIX C1 250T •        FIX 2,5”x5”
Insert die holders •        VIN C/C1 •        VIN B1/C1
•        VIN 2”x3,5”/2,5”x5”
Power Power Pack 4 kW
Electrical pressure gauge MA 250T -1S
Oil Cooler Oil Cooler 250T
Noise Level approx. 70 dB(A) Silencer 250T (approx. 68 dB(A))


The 250T swager has a capacity to swage T, TS and UM ferrules
up to approximate no. 22 in single stage. Multi stage swaging
makes it possible to swage T and UM ferrules up to No. 30.

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