ERGOplus Lanyard Fittings

ERGOplus Lanyard Fittings for the ERGOplus Elastic Lanyards, ERGOPlus Webbing Lanyards and ERGOplus Rope Lanyards.


Code Description Gate Type Gate Opening Strength Gate Strength Weight Material
H1Alu Safety Hook Double Action 23mm 25kN  >1kN  200g Aluminium
H3-Alu-TA-0 Safety Scaffold Hook Triple Action 60mm 25kN  >1kN  459g  Aluminium
H3BF Safety Jumbo Scaffold Hook Double Action 110mm 25kN  >1kN 915g  Aluminium
WH3-Alu-0 Safety Wire Scaffold Hook Double Action 88mm 20kN  >1kN 488g  Aluminium
K10Alu Fixed Eye Karabiner Triple Action 20mm 25kN  >1kN  120g  Aluminium
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