Grade 60 Swivel Lifting Point CDAW


• 360° rotation and adjustable in any
loading direction
• Flattened section for combination with CGS
• Angle marks with indication (45°) on back
• High tested fatigue-resistance
• Ring-body and screw are fracturetested using
advanced detection techniques
• W.L.L. marked on screw.
• Tested acc. EN 1677-1. quadruple protection
against breakage
• Screw secured at ring-body to prevent loss
• Duplex material 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) ensures
superior corrosion resistance

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TypeAcross flats allen key
W.I.L.Dimensions mmThreadWeight
CDAWM1416898.531M14 x 2622-Oct0.49
CDAWM161.256898.531M16 x 2622-Oct0.5
CDAWM201.556898.531M20 x 3022-Oct0.51
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