IKAR Accredited Service Agents

Absolute Lifting and Safety are an IKAR Accredited Service Agent, authorised to inspect, service, repair and re-certify IKAR Fall Arrest Blocks.  We offer on site inspections and servicing for all your IKAR equipment including IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches,  IKAR Self Retracting Lifeline with Self Rescue, IKAR SRL for Elevated Work Platforms,
IKAR Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL), IKAR Twin Self Retracting Lifelines, harnesses, anchorage devices, height safety devices and descent devices.


Ikar Accedited Service Agent

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches are Fall arrest devices with rescue lifting and lowering capabilities.  They are equipped with a recovery mechanism operated by a device mounted handle. After an arrested fall, or if the user becomes incapacitated at the bottom of a shaft, the recovery mechanism can easily be engaged by a second person to raise or lower the person to a place of safety.

Rescue Recovery Winches


IKAR Fall Arrest Block

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches

Features : IKAR height-safety devices with rescue hoisting facilities

Equipped with a winching unit, type 3 SRL to AS/NZS1891.3. In case of a rescue after a fall, the person who has suffered the accident can be rescued quickly and safely. The unit is completely closed. All parts are made from stainless steel, aluminium or shockproof plastic..

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches

SRL for Elevated Work Platforms

The ACB18 Self Retracting Lifeline is an ideal product to use in an Elevated Work Platform, designed to reduce the maximum arresting force to less than 3kN which is an industry first in Australia. The EWPACB18 can be attached to anchor points at feet level.

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches


Sturdy, low-maintenance, double, height-safety device with webbing lifeline, for 1 person. The lifeline 2 x 2m incorporates sewn fall indicator. Lightweight aluminum housing with a rotational attachment eye. Swivel double action hooks with a gate opening of 27mm on the end of each lifeline.

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches

IKAR Self Retracting Lifeline with Self Rescue

Ideal for applications where rescue is required to reduce the opportunity of suspension trauma occurring in a suspended person in the event of a fall. In the event of a fall, the internal brakes activates the same as a traditional SRL and the unit arrests the falling person. Once the person’s fall is completely arrested the Self Rescue Unit automatically starts extending the steel wire rope line and lowers the person down to the ground or other suitable landing.

IKAR Rescue Recovery Winches

Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL)

IKAR SRL’s incorporate a web or steel-rope lifeline that habitually extends and retracts allowing the user unhindered movement and mobility around the work areas.  In the event of the fall, the internal brakes activate and the unit arrests the falling person within 600mm and limits the arresting force passed onto the worker’s body.