Load Skate


  • Available in capacities varying from 5 to 75 tonne.
  • Optional turntable and positioning handle available for all models.
  • High visibility colours for safety purposes.
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Stock CodeLSK005LSK010LSK020LSK030LSK050LSK075
Rated Capacity per 4 Units (tonne)51020305075
Rated Capacity per Unit (tonne)1.252.557.512.518.75
Unit Length (mm)190206228228279292
Unit Width (mm)99999999145145
Unit Height (mm)656565659797
Unit Track Width (mm)55555555100100
Unit Roller Diameter (mm)202020203030
Number of Rollers per unit121416161414
Rollers in Contact456666
Net Weight (kg)
Stock Code TurntableLSK120LSK120LSK120LSK120LSK175LSK175
Height incl. Turntable (mm)100100100100145145
Turntable Top Diameter (mm)100100100100143143


Load Skates are designed to facilitate the moving, positioning or installation of a wide range of loads, including heavy equipment, machinery and bridge structures. The optional turntable and positioning handle ensure that these load skates are suitable for many applications.

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