Temporary High Line Kit 20 m and 30 m


This kit provides the basic components to make a temporary high line for working at height. The Temporary High Line Kit is rated to one person fall arrest or two person restraint and available in 20 m and 30 m lengths.

2000 mm Snake Sling 2
1500 mm Snake Sling 1
Pear Shaped Maillon 1
50kN Triple Action Karabiner 2
Oval Screw Gate Karabiner 2
Rope Tensioner 1
16 mm Rope (20 m or 30 m) 1
All Purpose Grab Bag 1
Temporary High Line Kit 20 m VKIT TEMP HIGH 20
Temporary High Line Kit 30 m VKIT TEMP HIGH 30


System Specifications 


System Length

20 m or 30 m

Max number of users 2 persons with intermediate anchor
Min span distance 4 m (30 m system)
Intermediate anchor distance 10 m
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