Arachnipod Industrial Plus Tripod


The Arachnipod Industrial Plus is a tripod with 2 Standard Legs and a Pulley Leg. This adds flexibility of use when configured as a tripod and A-frame while also making other configurations such as the handrail technique possible.

The Arachnipod’s uniquely designed head system, the legs can be quickly disconnected from each other to store flat for compact storage and transportation. Each of the legs is supplied with a Standard Foot which features a rippled base for traction.

Standard Legs feature rated load attachment points that swivel 360 degrees, along with an additional D-shackle attachment point for stabilisation rigging.

The Pulley Leg incorporates a pulley designed to accommodate up to 13 mm fibre rope as well as up to 8 mm steel/stainless steel wire cable rope.

The stabilisation attachment point is removable.

2 x Standard Legs with Standard Feet
1 x Pulley Leg with Standard Foot
Feet Rope and Rope Grab


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