PRO 4 Davits


PRO-4 Series Analogue Collapsible Davits

are appropriate for exceptional applications where a standard height and range davit is unsuitable. Available with a height up-to 2.8m and an offset reach of 2.0m. Ideal for use in rescue recovery and as an abseil diversion davit.

  • When installed and used as per the manufacturer’s instructions this davit is part of a complete personal fall arrest system maintaining a minimum safety factor of 2:1.
  • PRO-4 Series Davits also fold up for ease of transport and storage.
  • Multi-adjustable reach & off set.
  • Rotates full 360 degrees.
  • Internal overload indicator
  • Custom off set and heights available.
  • Compatible with permanent davit bases.


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Ultimate Strength Rating: 12 kN
Capacity: Maximum number of users: 1
Allowable MAF Rating for SRL’s: 4kN


Part No. Model Description Reach (m) Height (m) Winch / Anchor
50048 PRO-4 Series  Collapsible Analogue Davit 2.0 2.8 Rear Mount
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