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Turnbuckles/Rigging Screws

Hook & Eye Cast & Forged Type
Commercial Turnbuckles
Forged Turnbuckles
Eye & Eye, Forged 
Fencing Turnbuckles, Forged
Stub & Stub, Forged
Wire Strainer
Rated Turnbuckle
Rigging Screw 

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)


Safety Glasses

Hearing Protection

Traffic Safety Signs

Head Protection

Respiratory Protection

Sun Protection

Ropes & Slings

Superflex Wire Slings

Chain Slings & accessories

Crane, Franna & Piling Ropes

Round and Flat Webbing Slings

Wire Rope Slings 
PVC, Stainless or Galvanised Steel Wire Rope 

Spelter & Wedge Sockets
Wire Rope Grips
Lanatec Lubricant 

Recovery Strop

Safety, Industrial or Marine Rope

Eyebolts/Eyenuts ​

They are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, so that ropes or cables may then be tied to it.

Snatch Blocks, Hoists & Winches

Load Cell
Chain, Lever or Snatch Block
Light & Heavy Duty Snatch Block
Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Wire Rope Winch
Electric Chain or Wire Rope Hoist
Swivel Hoist Frame
Mini Wire Rope Hoist
Universal or Horizontal Plate Clamp
Girder Clamp
Push, Geared or Drum Trolley
Drum Lifter
Repair and Spare Parts

Absolute Lifting & Safety is the industry leader in providing  Lifting & Height Safety Equipment.  We don't only supply the equipment we test, certify and repair all Height-Safety, Material Handling, Confined-Space, Rigging and & Load Resistant Equipment and accessories e.g. Chain Slings, Hoists,Winches & attachments . Servicing businesses operating in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Toowoomba, we offer Lifting and Height Safety Equipment and Services to Industries such as Civil Construction, Marine, Utilities, Aviation, Piling, Transport, Engineering and more...

Chain Slings & Lifting Equipment

Grade 80 Chain & Lifting Accessories including & not limited to:

Herc- Alloy 800 , Yellow, Pail Paks Grade 80 Chain, Grade T

Lifting, Trailer, Anchor, Load Resistant or Galvanised Chains
Single Leg or Two Leg Adjustable Chain Slings
Regular, Large or Large Multi Oblong Link
Gr8 Enlarged Multi Oblong Link
Gr8 Master Link or Multi DNV
Gr8 Clevis End Link
Gr8 Connecting Links
HA8 Hammerlok
Gr8 Clevis or Eye Self-Lock Hook
Gr8 Clevis Swivel or Eye Swivel Self-Lock Hook (with ball bearing)
Gr8 Clevis Sling Hook


WLL GUIDE - Download our guide from Auslift which outlines the maximum working load limits for Alloy Grade 80 & 100 Chain Slings, Shackles, Flat Web Slings & Wire Rope Slings.

Make sure you get the right product for the required load and application, to minimise lifting and height safety risks in the workplace.


Commercial Galvanised Bow Shackle
Commercial Galvanised Dee Shackle
Grade M Shackle
Special Purpose Shackle
Grade ‘S’ Shackle,Dee Type, Screw Pin
Grade ‘S’ Shackle,Bow Type, Screw Pin
Grade ‘S’ Shackle, Dee Type, Safety Pin
Grade ‘S’ Shackle, Bow Type, Safety Pin

Thimbles & Ferrules​

Heavy Duty Commercial Wire Rope Grip
Double Throated Wire Rope Grip
Australian Standard Wire Rope Grip
Commercial Thimble
AS Gold Tip Thimble
Thimble Eye Nut
Solid Thimble Pilot Hole  (Hot dip Gal)
Pre-drilled Solid Thimble
Wedged Socket,Open Type,Clevis
AS Open Thimbles
Copper Ferrules
Nickel Plated Copper & Aluminium Ferrules

Height Safety



Anchor Points

Rescue Kits

Roofers Kit

Recovery Winch

Engineered Height Safety Equipment

Confined Space Equipment

Height Safety Servicing

Cable Stockings​

Single & Double Eye
Lace-Up Offset Eye & Double Eye
Non Conductive
Low Voltage
Heavy Duty & Graded
Light & Heavy Duty
Open Both Ends
Custom Grips 
Galvanised, Allow & Stainless Steel Strand, Ferrule and Thimble options


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