Manual Winch DLB Series Load Brake


  • Manufactured by Dutton Lainson, USA.
  • Automatic self-locking friction plate brake which supplies a constant, positive holding action for additional safety and control.
  • Mountable in either the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Requires a minimum operating load.
  • Supplied in copper bronze powder coat finish.
  • Wire Cable or Web Straps NOT included on Winches.
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Model Part No. Rated
Capacity (kg)
Drum Hub
dia (mm)
Gear Ratio Handle
Cable Strap
Drum Capacity (max)
DLB800A 45073 363 48 4.4:1 178mm 23 5mm x 21mm 8m x 50mm
DLB1200A 45071 545 64 5.4:1 178mm 23 5.5mm x 21m 9m x 50mm
DLB1500A 45072 681 64 5.4:1 238mm 34 6mm x 18m 9m x 50mm


Used in recreational, marine, boating, job shops, light fabrication shops and manufacturing.

Ideal for lifting and moving light loads both horizontally and vertically.

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