Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter

The Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter tool provides a safe and easy way to lift road plates. Its design eliminates the need for the operator to put themselves in danger by putting their foot, hand, or any tools under a road plate.

Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter

The Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter has a custom-designed lifting tool assembly and receiver plate. The receiver plate is welded into the road plate in accordance with the weld procedure.
Using the Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter is a breeze. Simply connect the lifting tool to the receiver weld-in plate, and the dovetail connection will securely lock into place. The elongated eye allows for direct connection of your lifting chain sling assembly or lifting tackle to the plate, ensuring safe and efficient lifting.
This Australian-made Townley product is a must for lifting heavy road plates.


  • Made in Australia with high-tensile Australian steel
  • Forged, not cast, ensuring durability and structural integrity with no porosity issues
  • Manufactured under license by the original design owned by the US-based patent holder
  • NATA tested by AS4991
  • Rated to 5t with a design factor of 5:1


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