High Performance Low Mass Round Slings


  • Up to 250,000kg
  • Up to 50% lighter than conventional round slings for even better manual handling
  • Internal fibres and external tube are the same material and comply to AS4497.1
  • Up to 50% slimmer than conventional round slings
  • Can be laid against tighter edge radii than conventional PES slings
  • Shackle and hardware interface is therefore less crowded
  • Reinforced high performance woven cover
  • Variable load bearing point for more even wear
  • Ideal for choke lifting cylindrical objects without creasing
  • Less creasing means less wear
  • WLL data woven into sleeve for unmistakable capacity identification
  • Lifts smooth objects without damage
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Load bearing fibres protected by the outer sleeve
  • Wide choice of lifting modes
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Colour/ CodeRated WLL (kg)Thickness Under Load (mm approx.)Width Under Load (mm approx.)Minimum Load Edge Radius (mm)Minimum Load Edge Diametre with secutex SleeveMaximum Length (metres)Minimum Length (metres)Weight Per Metre (kg)
Orange MF1000010,000125536N/A601.81.0
Orange MF20000 20,000158045N/A601.82.3
Orange MF2500025,000188554N/A601.82.9
Orange MF3000030,000209060N/A601.83.5
Orange MF4000040,0002411072N/A601.85.1
Orange MF5000050,0002612028N/A601.85.5
Orange MF6000060,00036153138N/A6027.9
Orange MF8000080,00048204154N/A60210.9
Orange MF100000100,00056238168N/A60216.8
Orange MF125000125,00070272210N/A60420.4
Orange MF150000125,00080315240N/A60425.4


Colour/ CodeRated WLL (kg)2.5 metre3 metre4 metre5 metre6 metre8 metre
Orange MF1000010,000MF10000 – 0x2.5MF10000 – 0x3.0MF10000 – 0x2.5MF10000 – 0x2.5MF10000 – 0x2.5MF10000 -0x2.5
Orange MF2000020,000MF20000 – 0x2.5MF20000 – 0x3.0MF20000 – 0x2.5MF20000 – 0x2.5MF20000 – 0x2.5MF20000 -0x2.5
Orange MF2500025,000MF25000 – 0x2.5MF25000 – 0x3.0MF25000 – 0x2.5MF25000 – 0x2.5MF25000 – 0x2.5MF25000 -0x2.5
Orange MF3000030,000MF30000 – 0x2.5MF30000 – 0x3.0MF30000 – 0x2.5MF30000 – 0x2.5MF30000 – 0x2.5MF30000 -0x2.5
Orange MF4000040,000MF40000 – 0x2.5MF40000 – 0x3.0MF40000 – 0x2.5MF40000 – 0x2.5MF40000 – 0x2.5MF40000 -0x2.5
Orange MF5000050,000MF50000 – 0x2.5MF50000 – 0x3.0MF50000 – 0x2.5MF50000 – 0x2.5MF50000 – 0x2.5MF50000 -0x2.5
Orange MF6000060,000MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x3.0MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 -0x2.
Orange MF8000080,000MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x3.0MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x2.5MF60000 – 0x2.5
Orange MF100000100,000MF100000 – 0x2.5MF100000 – 0x3.0MF100000 – 0x2.5MF100000 – 0x2.5MF100000 – 0x2.5MF100000 – 0x2.5
Orange MF125000125,000MF125000 – 0x2.5MF125000 – 0x3.0MF125000 – 0x2.5MF125000 – 0x2.5MF125000 – 0x2.5MF125000 – 0x2.5
Orange MF150000150,000MF150000 – 0x2.5MF150000 – 0x3.0MF150000 – 0x2.5MF150000 – 0x2.5MF150000 – 0x2.5MF150000 – 0x2.5


Colour/ Codesecutex Code Single SidedInterior Width (mm)Exterior Width (mm)Exterior HeightWeight Per Run
Orange MF10000SFI-CS-120120145451.7
Orange MF20000SFI-CS-180180230353.0
Orange MF30000SFI-CS-240240265353.1
Orange MF40000SFI-CS-300300330333.8


Colour/ Codesecutex Code Single SidedInterior Width (mm)Exterior Width (mm)Exterior HeightWeight Per Run
Orange MF10000SF2-CS-180180230373.4
Orange MF20000SF2-CS-300300330354.2
Orange MF30000SF2-CS-300300330355.6
Orange MF40000SF2-CS-300300330336.6


Colour/ Codesecutex Code Single SidedInterior Width (mm)Exterior Width (mm)Exterior HeightWeight Per Run
Orange MF10000SC-CS-180180230373.3
Orange MF20000SC-CS-300300330354.1
Orange MF30000SC-CS-300300330355.0
Orange MF40000SC-CS-300300330336.4


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