Grade 80 Two Leg Chain Slings

Grade 80 Two Leg Chain Slings.

  • Grade 80 Two Leg Chain Slings are Manufactured and Assembled to Australian standard: AS 3775
  • Available in lengths up to 6 meters and adjustable by means of Grab Hooks
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10mm, 13mm, 16mm


2mtr, 4mtr, 5mtr, 6 mtr, 7mtr, 8mtr


Chain Size
(tonnes @
60 degrees)
Part No.
1 metre
Part No.
2 metre
Part No.
3 metre
Part No.
4 metre
Part No.
6 metre
Part No.
9 metre
7.12.84221942220422214229942300EnquireClevis Self-Lock
8.03.54230142110421114211242113EnquireClevis Self-Lock
10.05.54222542114421154211642117EnquireClevis Self-Lock
13.09.24222642118421194212042121EnquireClevis Self-Lock
7.12.84223042231422324223942291EnquireClevis Safety Latch
8.03.54230342190421914219242193EnquireClevis Safety Latch
10.05.5422364219442195421964219742237Clevis Safety Latch
13.09.24223842198421994220042201EnquireClevis Safety Latch


  • Wide range of industrial lifting applications
  • Ideal for construction, infrastructure, building
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