Eye Bolts Grade-10 Swivel

Features Eye Bolts Grade-10 Swivel

  • Forged from High Tensile Alloy Steel
  • Tempered
  • 100% electromagnetic crack testing to AS1171
  • Hi-Visibililty Powder Coating to AS4506
  • Longer Shanks available
  • Metric, UNC, BSW and fine series threads are also available on request
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Eye Bolts Grade-10 Swivel

Inspection Criteria

• Ensure the Eyebolt thread and the tapped hole are compatible.
• Ensure the Lifting Point thread is tight, but not excessively tightened
during fitting.
• Check that the under face of the collar of the Eyebolt and the contacting
surface of the load are smooth, flat and at right angles to the axis of the
tapped hole.
• The Working Load Limit and manufacturers markings must be clearly
• The thread of the Eyebolt has not been damaged in a manner likely to
reduce the strength of the joint assembly.
• Deformation of any part of the component.
• Visible damage such as notches, particularly in high-stress areas.
• Wear should be no more than 10% of the cross-sectional diameter.
• Evidence of any cracks.
• Evidence of any corrosion.
• Damage to the bolt and/or the thread.

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M08, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24




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