ERGO 1500 Harness

ERGO 1500 Harness offers simplicity in donning and practicality when working. These reliable safety harnesses are certified to AS/NZS 1891.1 . Suitable for pole work, tower work, fall arrest,
confined space entry, etc

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ERGO 1500 Harness

ERGO Harnesses are a full body fall arrest harnesses which have now been further improved with the latest technology and manufacturing techniques available. Now 20% lighter, yet just as robust, these harnesses offer simplicity in donning and practicality when working. Comfortable enough to wear all day, these reliable safety harnesses are certified to AS/NZS 1891.1 and supported by a NATA accredited compliance and batch testing regime.


 1500 ERGO Harness

– Rear fall arrest D ring
– Front fall arrest loops
– Padded waist band and side D rings
– Padded buttock seat with auxiliary 75m pole
strap O ring
– Confined space attachment loops
– Fully adjustable leg, shoulder and chest straps
– Breathable rear mesh panel
– Hi Vis webbing
– Suspension trauma relief straps

Suitable for pole work, tower work, fall arrest,
confined space entry, etc

Code: 1500 ERGO

Fetaures and Benefits

Ergo Full Body Harness

Features and Benefits

1.  Optimised positioning of front connection

Lighter than shoulder Ds but small enough for efficient and safe connection of snap hooks for spreader bar insertion to confined spaces.

2.  Documents pouch
Keeps compliance labels and inspection record clean and intact.

3. Manufactured, designed, tested and fully certified in Australia to AS/NZS1891.1
Local SAI Global accreditation for trust and
peace of mind.

4.  Adjustable chest D ring to centralise
Ability to centralise chest D ring ensures even and comfortable front loading.

5. Optimised stitch patterns
Shaped and designed for optimum strength
and security.

6. Maximised adjustment of chest strap
Additional adjustment options for small and
large chests alike.

7. Rubber end grips
Comfortable tabs for easy adjustment.

8. Front fall arrest D ring
Precise connection for front fall arrest applications such as climbing and ladder systems. Lower positioning keeps connectors out of your face in front attachment applications.

9. 2 and 3 bar buckles
Proven as the most reliable connection with no moving parts.


10. Elastic webbing keepers
Easy storage and housekeeping of excess adjustment webbing.

11. Large rear fall arrest D ring
Easy to make a positive connection.

12.  Ergonomic pull up shoulder strap adjustment
Allows one handed and additional adjustment.

13.  Small D ring slider pad
Stops D ring digging into the back while minimising plastic to body contact.

14. Breathable mesh panel
Mesh panel airflow counteracts heat build-up, while giving the harness structure and form to minimise tangling and ensure correct donning.

15. Fitted with suspension trauma relief straps
Allows a suspended conscious operative to minimise the effects of suspension trauma.

16. Optimised buttock strap position and lock down stitch
Minimises the potential for harness peel out in a reversed crouched position.

17. Supplied in free storage bag
Keeps harness free of dirt and moisture.

 O Adjustment points
Ensures correct fitting of chest, shoulder and leg straps conforming to a  maximum amount of body shapes.

20% lighter than previous models
Reduces weight and fatigue leading to greater worker acceptance and compliance.

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