Concrete Pipe Lifting Hook

Concrete Pipe Lifting Hook

Concrete Pipe Lifting Hooks are easy to use material lifting products and are designed to increase efficiency in industrial applications. The A.S.4991-2004 compliant pipe lifting hook can lift pipes weighing up to 4.5 tonne.

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Concrete Pipe Lifting Hook 

Concrete Pipe Lifting Hooks have been designed with paramount importance given to efficiency and safety. Featuring forward hand protection, the hook is free of hand crush points ensuring operator safety when handling heavy weights. The hook reduces dependency on people making it a safer and more efficient operation. By reducing the component of manual labour, precision of the application increases as well.

They are used to safely handle concrete, steel and cast pipe sections or similar by an overhead crane with our pipe lifting hook. The pipe lifting hook is to be used with the sling angle to be within 60° to 90°. The pipe hook is designed to be used in pairs for the safe lifting of heavy pipes. The pipe lifting hook has been designed to reduce pipe handling time significantly. Lift, transport and place pipe sections quickly and efficiently with this one tool. The pipe lifting hook saves time and money compared to traditional methods of pipe lifting like chains, slings and steel cables. This hook is also much safer than conventional pipe lifting methods. Eliminate risk and increase efficiency with this versatile tool.


Code WLL Dimensions in mm Weight
tonnes A B C D E F kg
CPLH4.5T 4.5/Pair 190 410 380 16 48 280  11


Concrete Pipe lifting hooks can be used to lay pipes in storm drainage systems, construction and other applications.

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