PRO-1 Davits


  • PRO-1 Series Davits fold up for ease of transport and storage.
  • Modular in design.
  • No tools required for set up.
  • Light weight.
  • BTS-Klick pin-less technology adjustment.
  • Provision for mounting Recovery winch and SRL.
  • Optional U-Hook anchor point.
  • Compatible with different PRO-1 bases to suit your individual job requirements.


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Capacity: Maximum 2 workers (Total 280 kg)
Allowable MAF: 4 kN Rating for SRL’s
Connectors: BTS-Klick pin-less connectors


Part No. Model Description Off set (m) Height (m)
30015 PRO-1 Davit Top Mount Winch 0.48 1.84
30016 PRO-1 Plus Davit Front & Rear Mount Winch 0.48 1.47


Part No. Description
60140 BTS-Klick Winch Bracket for mounting Rescue Winch.


Part No. Description
30067 PRO-1 Portable Base
30017 PRO-1 Guardrail Base with Bar Gate
30098 PRO-1 Guardrail Base with Chain Gate

PRO-1 Series Davit Bases are designed to be compact and lightweight.

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